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In North Carolina, child support is the obligation of every parent. It is not intended to be a punishment by one parent against the other but rather seeks to preserve the minor child’s well-being by ensuring that he or she receives the same support as if the parents still lived together. To assist with this, the courts will evaluate each parent’s income through the use of the child support guidelines.

How North Carolina Child Support Is Determined

In determining child support, each parent must carefully evaluate the other parties’ claims of income to ensure that the outcome fairly represents the guidelines’ determination. If a parent misrepresents their stated income and expenses, it can grossly affect the result in the case.

In some instances, a court may deviate from the guidelines upon a determination that the guidelines are unjust, either because the calculations are inadequate or in excess of what would reasonably meet the child’s needs. The court does take into consideration parenting time and the custody arrangement when calculating child support.

How Child Support Is Enforced

Both the state and federal governments have the power and authority to enforce child support payments. Not paying child support is serious and can result in penalties including wage garnishment, asset seizure, revocation of licenses, arrest and jail time. It is important to understand what your rights and obligations are in regard to child support. An experienced family law attorney can guide and advise you on the best course of action.

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