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Successful Professional Employment Defense

Often as a result of alleged misconduct or the filing of criminal charges, persons with professional employment or licensing such as pharmacists or real estate brokers find themselves facing workplace discipline. The disciplinary process can lead to termination of employment or the forfeiture of professional licenses. This can be true of even a misdemeanor or as the result of an expunged conviction.

Types Of Charges That Can Lead To A Hearing

Administrative hearings involve complicated procedures that require experienced, competent legal representation. Some common criminal charges can negatively impact your professional career, license and future. These charges can include:

Many occupations require practitioners to have and maintain a clean criminal record. However, life does not always work that way. Even the best of us are prone to human error or can be involved in misunderstandings or the target of allegations. Our attorneys have successfully defended doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, teachers and government employees.

Get Experienced Representation To Protect Your Future

At Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law, we understand what is at stake. We also know what needs to happen to undo the damage. If you are facing disciplinary action, contact us for a consultation. Call 910-444-3505. You can also send us a brief contact email, and we will get back to you.