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2 North Carolina women arrested on felony child abuse

Discipline is an important and necessary part of raising children. While some parents in North Carolina and elsewhere may spank their children for doing wrong, others take the action too far and end up abusing the child. There are also some parents who unfortunately...

3 arrested after shooting at gas station

Three men were recently arrested in North Carolina following a shootout at a gas station. Reports do not state the reason for the shootout, but video of the incident shows several people involved. Now, those arrested are likely considering their options for mounting a...

13 arrests in Columbus County drug sweep

Law enforcement officers in North Carolina are responsible for keeping city streets safe. This often means investigating reports of suspected criminal activity in their communities. Two areas of criminal activity that often affect the safety of members of the...

Several arrested, accused of stealing catalytic converters

Reportedly, there have been many thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles in North Carolina over the past few years. Catalytic converters are very expensive to replace, and apparently their black-market value makes them a prime target. A recent tri-county...

Drug busts in Columbus County net several arrests

Authorities in North Carolina and elsewhere are concerned with keeping the state’s streets safe for all. Part of that includes trying to stem the tide of illegal drug activity across the area. A recent drug bust operation in Columbus County led to multiple arrests for...