Civil Litigation

Mason and Mason handles extensive litigation in North Carolina state and federal court. The firm defends and pursues actions regarding a wide range of matters, such as disputes arising over contracts, banking and loans, business issues, and defamation. Although many of our cases are able to be resolved before or during a lawsuit, our attorneys aggressively pursue each client’s needs in the courtroom whenever needed. No matter which direction your case goes, you can count on Mason and Mason to lead you with integrity and experience.

When your case requires the assistance of a civil litigation lawyer, it’s important that you choose a firm with a history of winning cases like yours. Hiring an attorney without the proper legal know-how can cost you time and money. It’s also important that you hire a litigation attorney with years of experience, practical knowledge, and a legal team with one objective. That objective is to get you the legal results you desire. Mason and Mason is the premier litigation firm in North Carolina. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our top civil litigation experts.