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Why You Should Not Pay That Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets in Wilmington, North Carolina, range from infractions to misdemeanors. Never pay a traffic ticket without first consulting with an experienced traffic attorney. Paying a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt and can lead to license points, insurance points and revocation of one’s privilege to drive and even a criminal record. Attempting to handle a traffic ticket without the assistance of experienced counsel can also be financially hazardous. If not handled properly, a traffic ticket can cause one’s insurance premiums to increase drastically.

Why Work With An Attorney For Even Minor Offenses

At Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law, we can often handle traffic tickets in a manner that avoids an increase in driver license points, insurance points and driver’s license revocations. Usually, we can handle your traffic matter without you ever appearing in court.

Before paying a traffic ticket or representing yourself, contact us so that we can put our experience to work for you. Our initial consultation is free. It’s not too late. If you made the mistake of paying your traffic ticket or handling it yourself and are experiencing negative consequences, contact our firm immediately. Oftentimes there are ways, which we can help minimize or undo those negative effects including the loss of your license.

Get Experience And Know-How On Your Side

Protect your driving record and future by working with professionals who understand the system and know what works. Call 910-444-3505 or send us a brief email, and we will get back to you.