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2 arrested in Wilmington following traffic stop

Police in Wilmington and throughout North Carolina initiate traffic stops on vehicles for a variety of reasons. While speeding is by far the most common reason, authorities may stop a vehicle because of issues with the car itself, or the vehicle could be reported...

How efforts at juvenile justice reform left many kids behind

Juvenile justice is a complex and frequently-changing area of law. Lawmakers want to appear tough on crime to appeal to the voting public, but they also recognize that being too harsh on youthful offenders can hurt those who make minor mistakes early in life....

Police arrest 6 so far Hickory homicide

Teenagers and young adults in North Carolina and elsewhere may make decisions that will greatly impact their lives as well as the lives of others. Case in point, several suspects have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a homicide, and most of the accused...

2 teens arrested for firing weapons

All people in North Carolina and elsewhere have a right to live peacefully and safely in their own homes. However, for residents of one neighborhood in Mooresville, that sense of safety was shattered when gunshots rang out through their area. Several homes and...

2 North Carolina women arrested on felony child abuse

Discipline is an important and necessary part of raising children. While some parents in North Carolina and elsewhere may spank their children for doing wrong, others take the action too far and end up abusing the child. There are also some parents who unfortunately...