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We Understand Motorcycle Traffic Violations

The lawyers at Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law are well aware of the legal issues often faced by those who enjoy the sport of motorcycling. All of the lawyers in this firm are riders themselves. We have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced while on the road, such as dangers posed by accidents caused by other drivers’ negligence or targeting of the riding community by law enforcement.

Motorcycles are fun, but they can also be quite dangerous. Maintaining your own safety and the safety of everyone else on the road is always paramount. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen or bad decisions are made.

Attorneys Committed To Defending The Rights Of Motorcyclist

When you need a traffic violations lawyer in Wilmington, North Carolina, work with an attorney who has extensive experience and a stellar reputation. If you want the best legal defense and most capable protection of your rights, you want a lawyer who can deliver both competence and success. Not all attorneys have a special focus or have backgrounds in moving violations and license issues. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all lawyers are the same.

Work With The Proven, Dedicated Team

If you find yourself in need of an injury attorney due to a motorcycle accident, or a traffic or criminal attorney due to a ticket or arrest, trust your case to lawyers who understand the needs of riders – because we are riders. Call Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law at 910-444-3505. You can also send a quick email about your incident. We will let you know how we can help.