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Keeping Sight Of What’s Important In Child Custody

Almost nothing is more gut-wrenching than a child custody battle. At times, some parents can lose sight of the best interests of the children and use a custody battle as leverage to gain a better financial settlement in a divorce. Sometimes a parent may try to alienate children or put them in the middle, hoping to gain revenge on the other parent in doing so.

Nobody should walk through custody disputes alone. At Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law, our seasoned and proven family law attorneys will help you navigate the complex legal structure and alleviate the emotional burden of the process including arrangements regarding child support payments.

Understand Your Options For Resolution

Mediation and settlement discussions can sometimes help the parties come to an agreement without having to face a trial. However, if the parties cannot agree, then a trial will be necessary. That is when Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law’s vast courtroom experience takes over – to make certain the firm’s clients are heard and their rights are protected.

Factors Evaluated When Determining Custody

Children thrive best in a stable home environment. We also know that, except in extreme cases where a parent is unhealthy or unstable, it’s typically best for children to have contact with both parents as they grow up. There are other factors that can influence how custody is decided. These factors include:

  • What the child wants or needs
  • The safety and environment of the parent’s home
  • Whether or not there is drug or alcohol abuse by a parent
  • If there is a history of domestic violence between the parents

The less disruption to a child’s routine and lifestyle is usually most beneficial for their well-being.

Get The Custody Arrangement That’s Best For Your Child

At Mason, Mason, and Smith Attorneys at Law, we work tirelessly to ensure that the child’s needs are the center of any custody agreement. We know that there is nothing more important than your child’s health, well-being and future. Call 910-444-3505 and speak with an experienced attorney about your situation. We will tell you how we can help and the options you have. You can also email us a brief summary of your case.