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The Sex Offender Registry Can Affect Your Life Forever

Aside from time in prison and a period of probation, registration with the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Program is one of the most serious and long-lasting consequences of being convicted of a crime.  Registration is mandatory for persons residing in North Carolina who have been convicted of a crime which our legislature recognizes as a “reportable offense” and can have significant impacts on daily life.  Registration following conviction of a reportable offense is often unanticipated and affects where you are allowed to live, work, worship, and several other aspects of everyday life.  If eligible, removal from the registry is imperative to resume life after a conviction.

How long someone must remain on the registry simply depends on the crime that a person is convicted of.  Unfortunately, some convictions carry a mandatory lifetime registration.  Other convictions, however, may be eligible for removal after 10 years.  A person may request to be removed from the registry by filing a petition with the appropriate North Carolina Superior Court.  After properly filing a petition, the court will hold a hearing to determine whether to grant the request to be removed from the registry.  To be successful, a petitioner must prove, among other things, that he or she is not current or potential threat to public safety and that the petitioner has not been convicted of or arrested for another offense requiring registration.  Additionally, a petitioner must prove that removal would not be contrary to any state or federal laws.  This delicate intersection between state and federal law can be extremely complex and is often the difference between removal and remaining on the registry. It is important to have a dedicated and experienced attorney advising and guiding you through this process.  Set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys and have us evaluate your case and fight for you.