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2 arrested on drug charges in Wilmington

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Criminal Law

Some people seek to make money any way they can, even if that means breaking the law. Although times are tough for many throughout North Carolina and across the country, it’s no excuse to resort to selling drugs or engaging in some other illegal activity to make money. Doing so can cause serious repercussions to a person’s future if the individual is arrested and charged with a crime. Two individuals in Wilmington recently found that out the hard way. 

Details regarding arrests 

The Wilmington Police Department completed a two-month investigation regarding two local residents. The suspects were described as a 24-year-old man and 22-year-old woman. No word was given as to why authorities began their investigation concerning the young couple in the first place.  

Regardless, officials seized considerable amounts of illegal drugs, including 230 grams of marijuana and 280 grams of cocaine, during the arrest. They also seized a large sum of cash, although they did not specify how much. Both individuals have been charged with trafficking in cocaine, PWIMSD cocaine and manufacturing a schedule II controlled substance. They were also charged with child abuse, but no word was given in the report as to why authorities added the charge for both of the accused. The man also face additional charges for PWIMSD marijuana and sell/deliver schedule III controlled substance. Each accused individual is being held on secured bond of $280,000 (the man) and $250,000 (the woman). 

Right to defense 

Considering the potential consequences to the lives of these individuals should they be convicted on the charges against them, each will want to work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Working alongside legal counsel, each can gain a full understanding of their rights and options to make the best-informed decisions. Also, an attorney can advocate on behalf of his or her client to help pursue the most favorable outcome possible considering the circumstances and relevant evidence.