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Maintaining job productivity during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Firm News

A North Carolina divorce has far-reaching impacts that stretch beyond the breakup of the marriage. Every phase of someone’s life is affected. This includes their job as they continue to be employed even while the divorce process unfolds. The stress and emotional trauma of divorce are highly distracting, and it can degrade one’s job performance.

The boss needs to know what is going on in their employee’s life if it will keep them from performing as they should at work. Even if the employee does not consider themselves to be friends with their supervisor, it is still in their best interest to keep their boss informed. This way, the supervisor could at least grade them on the proverbial curve when it comes to their performance review. Nonetheless, a person needs to be careful about how public they choose to make their divorce among their coworkers.

One thing that people need to be careful about during a divorce is putting too much stock in their job to get them through the divorce. Becoming a workaholic can distract someone from doing the necessary work to recover from the divorce. In other words, it is a distraction that would get someone through this difficult time, but it is just a crutch. Getting one’s life in order can help job performance, so healing is a must.

The more a person has to do when it comes to a divorce, the higher their stress level. This is precisely what could decrease work productivity. One way to avoid this may be to hire a divorce lawyer to handle the details that would ordinarily raise a person’s stress levels. The attorney may handle the negotiations and make all of the necessary filings with the court, thereby freeing their client up to get on with their life.