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Drug sting nets 5 arrests

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Criminal Law

Law enforcement in North Carolina is concerned with keeping illegal and dangerous drugs off community streets. Many times, authorities conduct lengthy investigations into suspected illegal drug activity and arrest those allegedly involved. One such sting operation resulted in the arrests of five people who were charged with a host of drug crimes and weapons violations.

Drug bust and arrests

The Fayetteville Police Department conducted a month-long investigation into alleged drug activity in the area. A residence on Penfield Drive was raided on the morning of Nov. 4. Inside, they allegedly found a cache of illegal drugs, including fentanyl, mushrooms, and marijuana. They also found oxycodone and Xanax along with almost $7,000 in cash.

Authorities also claim to have seized an AR-15 rifle that was loaded with so-called “green tip rounds.” These rounds can have armor-piercing capabilities, but the rounds recovered reportedly were not the armor-piercing kind. Still, the gun was apparently reported as stolen. The five arrested face a total of 22 felony charges.

Right to defense

Although police may have gathered enough evidence to support the arrests of the five individuals, an arrest is far from a conviction. All of the accused reserve the right to defend themselves against the charges. For help, they will need to work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina to increase their chances of obtaining the best outcome possible.