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Navigating the holidays after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce brings about a lot of changes to family dynamics following divorce. With the holidays approaching, many divorced parents in North Carolina as likely wondering how to best deal with the holidays now that their children share separate households. The following are some tips to navigate the holidays successfully. 

Handling post-divorce holiday schedules 

Divorced parents have several options to ensure holiday celebrations go on without a hitch. Some ways parents can co-parent during this time is to keep the following in mind: 

  • Set expectations – In the child visitation agreement, the parents may have agreed to alternate holidays with their kids. Perhaps the children will spend Thanksgiving at one home and Christmas at another. Then parents can switch the following year. Either way, parents should let their children know of the plan and get their input as to their preferences. 
  • Spend the holidays together – If parents get along well enough, they may consider spending the holidays together to avoid having to create new schedules. 
  • Coordinate gifts – Parents will want to coordinate who will give certain gifts to the children, especially big-ticket items, such as computers and TVs. This way, the burden does not fall on one parent, and the kids may enjoy getting more gifts from each parent. 

Consider everyone’s best interests 

No matter the decisions parents make involving the holiday schedules, they will want to keep the best interests of everyone in mind, including their own. While it’s important to consider the children’s wants and best interests, a parent must also consider their own needs when developing holiday plans. This time of year is stressful in the best circumstances, and divorce can add to the level of stress and anxiety one may feel. If a divorced parent has issues involving their child visitation agreement or getting the other parent to adhere to the terms, they should consult an experienced family law attorney in North Carolina for assistance.