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Police arrest 6 so far Hickory homicide

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2022 | Criminal Law

Teenagers and young adults in North Carolina and elsewhere may make decisions that will greatly impact their lives as well as the lives of others. Case in point, several suspects have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a homicide, and most of the accused are minors. They will need an effective criminal defense to help them fight the charges and pursue the best outcome possible.

Homicide and arrests

On June 13, a 35-year-old individual was murdered in Hickory. The incident took place at Blue Ridge Heights Apartments. On June 17, police arrested three people, all 16 years old, and several days later, they arrested another person, 15 years old.

Most recently, police arrested a suspect on July 1 who was 21 years old. They then arrested another individual on July 12, and that suspect was listed as 17 years old. The accused face charges for murder.

Right to defense

Considering most of the accused are juveniles, their defense will require special considerations. Due to the severe nature of the crime, the juveniles could be tried as adults, and they could face serious repercussions on conviction. Along with the 21-year-old also charged in this crime, all of the accused will need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina who can explain their rights and options and work to help them pursue the most favorable outcome possible.