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2 teens arrested for firing weapons

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Criminal Law

All people in North Carolina and elsewhere have a right to live peacefully and safely in their own homes. However, for residents of one neighborhood in Mooresville, that sense of safety was shattered when gunshots rang out through their area. Several homes and vehicles were hit, as was at least one person. Two teenagers are now in custody in relation to the shooting, and they are likely considering their options for an effective criminal defense. 

The incident and arrests 

Around 12:30 a.m. on June 26, officers with the Mooresville Police Department responded to a call of shots fired near the area of Brookwood Drive and Logan Street. Police recovered several shell casings of various calibers, and they learned that a person at a nearby apartment complex had been shot in the back. The person was transported to a medical center and is expected to fully recover. 

Others in the area reported their homes and/or vehicles had been hit with bullets, although no other injuries were reported. After a preliminary investigation, officers arrested two young men, ages 19 and 18, in connection with the shooting. Authorities are still investigating the incident and have not ruled out possibly making other arrests. 

Right to defense 

The report does not state why the two teens were suspected of perpetrating this crime. One individual faces several felony charges and is being held without bail. The other was charged with discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling and has a bond of $150,000. To pursue the best possible outcome for their circumstances, the accused will want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina as soon as possible.