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Making decisions about the family home during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Divorce

Many families in North Carolina may share the dream of entering the realms of home ownership. After purchasing a home, you and your family might spend years making memories and building a life in this location. The sentimental value of your home could become somewhat difficult to measure.

If you and your spouse reach a point in which you feel it is best to take separate paths in life, deciding how to handle the family home can be an intimidating task. Knowing your options and some vital topics to address about the family home could play an integral role in helping you prepare to make informed decisions about your future.

Topics to address

Even if the family home holds vast sentimental value, seeking ownership during legal proceedings might not always be a viable option. Some vital topics to address regarding the family home could include:

  • Costs of upkeep: Evaluating the costs of upkeep and maintenance after transitioning into a single-person income could be vital to deciding how to handle the family home.
  • Financial future: Taking steps to understand the possible long-term impact on pursuing sole ownership of the home could also be vital to making informed choices about your financial future.
  • Mortgage concerns: It may also be vital to address topics such as refinancing or obtaining a new mortgage, and to know the steps involved with each process.
  • Seeking ownership: The pursuit of sole ownership of the home could leave you facing a need to consider buying out the other party’s interests or relinquishing possession of other assets in exchange.
  • Selling the home: In some cases, the healthiest path may involve selling the home and splitting the proceeds.

Addressing the possible tax ramifications involved with the decisions you make about the family home could also be integral to preparing a strategy to safeguard your financial future.

Protecting your future

Addressing the options for the family home may just be one example of a difficult decision you may face during the end of your marriage. Taking steps to understand every vital topic to address during a similar circumstance in life could be vital to preparing a strategy that best aligns with your interests and needs. Seeking insight in navigating the process could help you better prepare to make informed choices and seek the most favorable outcome achievable concerning your future.