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Suspects accused of fatal road-rage crash appear in court

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Criminal Law

Many people would likely agree that it can be frustrating to share the road with others. While some may drive too slowly or in some other way infuriate other drivers on the road, that is no excuse to take matters into one’s hands and go after the offending driver in a road-rage incident. Unfortunately, two North Carolina men took this path and caused an accident that resulted in the death of another individual. Both men were arrested, and each made his first court appearance recently.

Details regarding the incident

According to reports, the incident occurred on Nov. 7. Apparently, two men had been involved in a road-rage incident, although the report did not specify what led to this incident. The men were described as 25 and 43 years old, and their actions caused a three-vehicle collision at the intersection of Station Road and Market Street in Wilmington.

The wreck resulted in the death of another man, 79, from Wilmington, but the report was not clear whether the victim had any involvement with the initial road-rage incident. The men believed responsible were arrested and held on $100,000 bond. They were each charged with several criminal offenses, including reckless driving to endanger, involuntary manslaughter and exceeding the posted speed limit. The men recently appeared in court alongside their counsel, and each accused the other of the fatal collision.

Potential consequences and right to defense

The charges these men are facing are very serious and could result in jail time as well as hefty fines and more. Each is apparently already working with North Carolina defense counsel in an attempt to fight the charges against them, and they have another court date Dec. 9. Like these men, anyone facing similar charges will do well to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney, who will work diligently to obtain the best outcome possible for the accused.