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Local middle school teacher charged with assaulting female

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Criminal Law

Many people hold teachers in high regard due to their commitment to educating and enriching the lives of their community’s youth. Most teachers have compassion and empathy, but sometimes, they can fall victim to their emotions just like anyone else. A lack of control may have prompted one middle school teacher to assault a female in order to get his cellphone back.

Details of the incident

According to reports, the accused was an engineering and technology teacher, and he worked for Noble Middle School in New Hanover County. The man was described as 64 years old, and he is now facing charges of assaulting a female to take back his cellphone. No mention was given as to whether the incident occurred on the school campus or whether the victim was a student.

Regardless, reports state that the man hit the woman in the neck and pushed her. The woman fell to the floor because of the push, and the man then allegedly placed his hands on her throat as he tried to wrest the phone from her grip. Authorities arrested the teacher at his home not long after midnight on Dec. 2. He has since been suspended with pay from his position.

Right to defense

The report did not mention whether the individual has retained defense counsel to help him fight the charges he is facing. Considering the impact this arrest, and certainly a conviction of the charges, will have on his career and reputation, he will want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney throughout the proceedings. A defense attorney will examine all the evidence against the suspect and work to help him obtain the best possible outcome, considering the circumstances.