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North Carolina man charged with murder

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Criminal Law

Living in a big city has its pros and cons. While cities typically offer a broad range of quality of options regarding entertainment, sports, shopping and more, they also usually have higher rates of crimes, particularly violent crime, than suburbs and outlying areas. As an example, one unfortunate victim was killed by another man outside a gas station in Charlotte on July 13, 2021. 

Details of the assault 

On that date, a 27-year-old man was at a gas station on the corner of Rocky River Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard. For reasons that authorities suspect stemmed from an armed robbery, another man shot the 27-year-old, who later died at the hospital. Now, authorities have charged the man responsible for the assault with murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and other offenses. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police identified the suspect as being 23 years old. They offered no other motive in connection with the crime other than apparent robbery. While the man could have robbed the other individual without killing him, police did not offer any clues as to why the altercation turned violent, and, unfortunately, fatal for the victim. Incidentally, news reports state that the FBI has announced that North Carolina has a higher rate of violent crime than the national average, and violent crimes in Charlotte have also increased, with homicide rates up by 18%. 

Right to defense 

Although the man charged with the murder is certainly facing an uncertain future, he retains the right to build a strong defense against the charges against him. Upon retaining defense counsel, the man will likely work with his lawyers to devise the most effective strategy to defend himself against the charges he faces. Likewise, anyone charged with any type of felony or misdemeanor offense in the Tar Heel State should work with a competent criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after their arrest.