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Law enforcement announce Fourth of July DWI campaign

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2021 | Criminal Law

Holidays, long weekends and nice weather can signal an uptick in DWI charges in any state. Law enforcement in North Carolina have announced that they will be conducting their annual Fourth of July crackdown on driving under the influence. What does this campaign mean for those traveling in the state this weekend? 

About the Booze It or Lose It campaign 

The campaign, called “Booze It or Lose it,” begins on June 28 and continues through the July 4 weekend. During this period, law enforcement will use breath alcohol testing (BAT) mobile units. The units contain items for testing and a mobile Magistrate’s office. Police say the BAT units cut the time for processing an impaired driver from 23 hours down to 45 minutes, allowing for officers to spend more time investigating and catching possible offenders. 

Clear message sent at campaign kick-off event 

So far in 2021, 145 drug- and alcohol-related crashes have led to mortalities in North Carolina. While this is a decrease from 2020, it is still seen as deeply problematic for law enforcement. At the kick-off event, they voiced a strong commitment to keep offenders off the roads during this particularly high-risk weekend. Their goal is, understandably, to prevent any drug- and alcohol-related crashes over the holiday weekend, and certainly to prevent fatalities. 

Public safety is extremely important to everyone. Maintaining rights, including the right to an attorney, is also key, especially as a DWI charge can have very serious consequences. Those arrested during this campaign could find an experienced attorney’s services invaluable toward developing the best possible criminal defense strategy for their unique circumstances.