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Do marriage and business issues have you considering divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Divorce

For a time, some people think they can have it all in life. They want the fancy job, the big house, the nice car, and a spouse and kids. While this may seem like the ideal life, it is often difficult to keep up with all of those aspects in reality. While you may have achieved your dream of starting your own North Carolina business and getting married, trying to stay fully invested in both has likely left you and your spouse feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. 

Now, you may be thinking about getting a divorce. At first, the idea may have filled you with guilt because you did love your spouse at one time and wanted the best for both of you when it came to the relationship. However, it seems like life is taking you in a different direction. 

Do any of these issues sound familiar? 

When a person feels pulled in different directions in life, trying to keep a foot in both areas is a common response. Of course, if you are trying to be 100% invested in your company and 100% invested in your marital relationship, you likely found both feeling as if you were hardly invested at all. You may have experienced any of these common scenarios that other entrepreneurs have found themselves in as well: 

  • Finding yourself thinking about work issues when your spouse is trying to have a conversation with you 
  • Trying to convince your spouse and yourself that you are actively participating in the relationship but feeling more as if you are faking 
  • Feeling more passionate about your company and entrepreneurial ventures than your marriage 
  • Avoiding taking time away from work or doing work-related activities even when you are on vacation with your family 
  • Facing money problems because creating a new business takes financial resources, which could drain family funds 

The list could go on, and you may have been nodding to yourself when reading this list as well as thinking of other ways your marriage and business have not co-existed well together. If you believe that divorce is in the near future, you may want to remember that it can take a major toll on your company. As a result, you may want to start thinking about ways to protect your business now before the marriage dissolution case begins.