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Divorce planning Dos and Don’ts

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Divorce

Most of the advice around divorce has to do with what happens after the process is underway. But, what are some things that people should consider before taking the step of filing for divorce? North Carolina individuals and couples can make the divorce process significantly easier by taking certain steps in advance of initiating the paperwork.

Don’t: Ignore financial details

Understanding the specifics of marital finances can alleviate a great deal of the conflict in a divorce. Those considering a divorce should take stock of all shared accounts and assets, as well as any amounts owing. Getting a credit report and proof of income ready to go is also a good idea.

Do: Build individual credit

Divorcees may struggle to get approved for credit on their own, especially if more liabilities and history of repayment are in a spouse’s name. If things are going south in a marriage, getting a credit card in one’s own name is a wise choice. This can help establish credit for future purchases such as a home or vehicle.

Do: Consult with an attorney

Even before filing for a divorce, there may be several legal questions to consider. Is it a good idea to move out of the house, or would that put the person leaving in a vulnerable position? How is it possible to protect one’s interests early in the divorce process? What options exist for deciding on key issues like custody and property division? Consulting with a North Carolina lawyer to answer these questions can make the initial steps of a divorce much smoother.