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Tips for managing the holiday season amidst divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

Facing the special days and celebrations after a split can be challenging, but what about those holidays that take place in the midst of family law issues? Emotional challenges aside, holidays can create difficult situations when it comes to issues like child custody and finances during a divorce. When a family law issue is unfolding during a “special” time of year, North Carolina individuals should work to remain organized and clear-headed, and to keep the big picture in mind.

Communication experts say the best way to communicate with an ex is to use the “FFFF” approach. FFFF stands for focused, factual, fair and firm. Depending on whether the divorce is contentious or the types of legal issues under consideration, a lawyer may have other advice about communication during this period — for example, documenting interactions or getting arrangements in writing.

Prioritization is an important skill when going through the holidays amid a family law issue. For example, is it worth causing a fuss to get child custody for an hour or two if it will lead to allegations of wrongdoing in the future? Is it worth pushing an ex’s “buttons” during interactions if it will make mediation more challenging in the new year? It is important to remain focused on the important things and to stay level-headed when approaching these issues.

There are organizational things people can do to keep themselves focused and well-behaved when going through divorce over the holidays. For example, one can set up a separate email account only used for things related to the separation and divorce, to better compartmentalize the situation. Financial planning is also wise, especially going into what can often be an expensive time of year. North Carolina individuals who are concerned about how holiday scenarios may impact their family law case can benefit from seeking legal advice from an experienced attorney.