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Details worth working out in a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

When a couple splits ways, the “bigger” issues often are the first on one’s mind. Who gets the house? Who gets the kids? What monthly spousal or child support amounts are expected? These are certainly important topics for North Carolina couples to work out when going through a divorce. However, missing some of the finer points and details while in the midst of the settlement and agreement process could lead to ongoing legal challenges, general stress or unpleasant surprises down the line.

Children’s extracurriculars are one detail that many do not think carefully about. Most agreements stipulate that costs will be split, either in accordance with each parent’s income or 50/50. However, agreements also often require both parties to agree to the extracurricular in order for this payment agreement to be enacted. This is something that can easily be abused by one party who can avoid the responsibility by simply not “agreeing” to any activity. Working out an estimated monthly amount for activities, and allowing the child to play a role in picking extracurriculars, may be a better system even if it takes longer to negotiate on the front-end.

Another issue many parents sometimes neglect to clarify is who gets children on holidays. Holidays can very much interfere with the custody arrangements that involve having kids every other week or on certain days. Discussing a holiday rotation, and getting it in writing, could save both parties heartache and legal trouble later on.

Often, people decide to make verbal agreements when it comes to small-seeming details. It’s easy to believe that an ex will put the kids first and stick to their word, but sometimes things can get complicated and perspectives can shift. Working out details like these with legal counsel present and getting it in writing can a significant difference, especially if the North Carolina family law system needs to get involved in the situation down the line.